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Gardening is an art that allows individuals to connect with nature and create stunning landscapes with our featured products.

All In One Plant Food, Mixed Fertilizer for House Plants, Complete Nutrition with Micronutrients – for Better Plant Growth

Just add one sachet in 6-liter water, and pour it on the soil. That’s it. Mixing in water ensures the uniform spread of fertilizer in the root zone. And it contains full nutrition required by plants.

Smart & Easy to use. Nothing else needs to be added to plants. EASILY MANAGE BY SELF. NO NEED TO CALL THE GARDENER. Use only twice a month.

Rs. 300.00 Rs. 259.00

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1. Why choose Go Garden gardening products?

Go Garden is a one-stop online store for all your gardening needs. Our aim is to help people experience the joy and happiness of gardening. Go Garden has all kinds of gardening materials for indoor, outdoor, and vertical gardening.
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Basic gardening tips for beginners: Check if the location of your garden receives adequate sunlight Check the soil and find out which plants grow best in that kind of soil Check the soil and find out which plants grow best in that kind of soil Water and manure the plants regularly If you are planning to purchase your gardening supplies online, preferably go to a reputed website that has good reviews and ratings.
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