Trichoderma Viridi Fungicide for plants Bio Fungicide- Prevents Fungal and Bacterial Diseases in Plants (2 x 10^8 CFU per Gram) 950 G

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  1. Disease Control: Trichoderma is a potent biocontrol agent and used extensively for soil born diseases. It has been used successfully against pathogenic fungi belonging to various genera, viz. Fusarium, Phytopthara, Scelerotia etc.
  2. Plant Growth Promoter: Trichoderma strains solubilize phosphates and micronutrients. The application of Trichoderma strains with plants increases the number of deep roots, thereby increasing the plant’s ability to resist drought.
  3. Biochemical Elicitors of Disease: Trichoderma strains are known to induce resistance in plants. Three classes of compounds that are produced by Trichoderma and induce resistance in plants are now known. These compounds induce ethylene production, hypersensitive responses and other defense related reactions in plant cultivars.
  4. Transgenic Plants: The introduction of endochitinase gene from Trichoderma into plants such as tobacco and potato plants has increased their resistance to fungal growth. Selected transgenic lines are highly tolerant to foliar pathogens such as Alternaria alternata, A. solani, and Botrytis cirerea as well as to the soil-borne pathogen, Rhizectonia spp.
  5. Bioremediation: Trichoderma strains play an important role in the bioremediation of soil that are contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. They have the ability to degrade a wide range of insecticides: organochlorines, organophosphates and carbonates
  • INCREASES CROP YIELD: Trichoderma viridi increases the absorption of nutrients and the effective use of fertilizers by plants. 
  • APPLICATION: INDIVIDUAL PLANTS – Mix 5g of Trichoderma viridi with 1 liter water and apply directly to plant soil. SEED TREATMENT – Mix 10 g of Trichoderma viride with 1 kg of seeds. ROOT DIPPING: Mix 100 g of Trichoderma viridi with 10 liters of water. POTTING SOIL: Mix 100 g of Trichoderma viride with 15-20 of potting soil


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