DAP fertilizer for plants and Gardening | All Purpose | Water Soluble | 400 Grams

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DAP fertilizer for plants and Gardening

DAP fertilizer for plants Diammonium phosphate:

fertilizer home garden? dap stands for diammonium phosphate, a type of fertilizer with high phosphorous content. ? dap fertilizer contains nitrogen, which is created during the chemical manufacturing process. In most cases, additional nitrogen helps grow greener, faster-growing plants. Does Dap contain 18% nitrogen and 46 % phosphate. ? granulated universal highly concentrated nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer.

The value of nitrogen and phosphorus 18-46 increases the resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors (drought and frost), and also increases the resistance of plants to disease. The high content of phosphorus contributes to the accumulation of sugar in the root crops and fruits. Suitable for all soils and under all kinds of cultures as the basic fertilizer and as feed in the spring and summer period to speed up the ripening of fruits and berries. ?

available in flowing granular form. It is completely soluble in water. Total water-soluble p2o5 helps plants to utilize moisture better and makes roots grow stronger and deeper even in acidic soils. Dap is used to provide plants with the phosphorus they need. Because it also includes sulfur, it provides plants with their sulfur requirements. If it does not provide enough sulfur,

it should be combined with the necessary amount of sulfur-containing fertilizer. The phosphorus in this fertilizer reacts more quickly than the phosphorus in other fertilizers. Dosage application dap fertilizer has a ph of about 8, which makes it a strong alkaline. This means that dap can have an impact on the ph of the soil in which it is applied. Plants that prefer acidic soils may not benefit from dap fertilizer, and adding too many alkaline-based products to soil that is already alkaline-rich can lead to underdevelopment in some plants. Dosages – apply 1/2 tsp in 1L of water every 15 days

How To Use Dap Fertilizer Get All Information – Click Here

  • Fertilizer for flowers, fertilizers for home plants provides an excellent effect on overall plant growth, encourages the growth of shoots/leaves and improves the quality and shelf life of the produce
  • Good quality, rich in all essential plant nutrients. Use of fertilizer home garden
  • Weight: 400g
  • Water-soluble helps the plant set buds and flowers


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