Terms & Conditions For Shipping and Refund

Dear Go Garden Customer We are always ready to provide easy and good products. There are some policies related to shipping and refunds for the purchase of products on our website. Based on this, decisions on future events will be decided. Please read this carefully.


Go Garden always tries to deliver you your stuff to the first priority. We are in touch with almost all the courier partners. We always try. That your product will reach you as soon as possible. If for some reason your PIN code does not come in our private courier company coverage then on that condition we try to send your product through India Post. Which may take some time. If this happens, you will be given this information.

If there is extra shipping charges on any product. Then you will be told with the price of the product. Or when you buy the product, shipping charges will be calculated on the last checkout stage



Go Garden offers easy return refunds and exchange facilities. If you feel damaged or unpredictable during delivery of a product, then you are paid back in that situation. without any problems. Different categories of returns and refund policies are different. Please read these carefully, which is given below

  • Any type of dry product such as compost seeds and other products. Whose packing has been opened And the packing of which customers spoiled. That product can not be returned. According to the security report
  • If you find any plant dead or bad. So within 24 hours of its delivery, you have to provide information to the Garden. You send us the image of that plant to us. If you do this, you can easily refinance the plant’s money. Or the plant will be exchanged