Neem Oil for Plant Pest Control Water Soluble – Organic Pesticide for Plants and Flowers use for Plants Insects pesticides 100 ML

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  • Neem oil for Plant 100% Pure and Natural/Organic Cold Pressed Neem Oil (Concentrate) for Plants. Acts as an Insecticide / Fungicide / Miticide.. Neem oil is emulsifiable, eco-friendly, bio degradable.
  • pesticide for plants and flowers Neem oil Contains Azadirachtin which repels/control aphids, black spot, rust, Spider mites, fleas, fungus gnats, whiteflies, mosquito and so on
  • Neem Oil Plant Pest Control For Indoor/Outdoor Use on Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Herbs, Spices, Roses, Houseplants, Flowers, Trees, Lawns and Shrubs
  • Neem Oil for Plant Pest Control It can be used as a household pesticide for ant, bedbug, cockroach, housefly, sand fly, snail, termite and mosquitoes both as repellent and larvicide. Neem Oil for Plant Pest Control is a concentrated neem oil formulation mixed with emulsifiers for ready use. Active Ingredients

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Synthetic pesticides that work on contact often build up in the surrounding environment, leaving toxic residue behind that can harm and even kill pets and other animals in the area.

Go Garden Neem oil, on the other hand, is organic and non-toxic. It’s safe for birds, pets, fish, livestock, or other area wildlife when used. Neem pesticide products also degrade quickly during rainfall and under ultraviolet rays. Neem oil insecticide does not create a dead zone around treated plants, trees, or shrubs like other synthetic insecticides can. It only targets leaf-sucking and chewing insects. Synthetic pesticides creep away from the sprayed areas to create “death zones” that can kill beneficial insects as well as other animals.


neem oil for plant

Go Garden Neem Oil for Plant Pest Control – Organic Pesticide for Plants and Flowers used for Plants Insects pesticides 250ml

Why Go Garden Neem Oil

Pure and Organic

  • We committed to provide pure neem oil concentrates for our customers.
  • 100% Pure and not adulterated with some other oil.
  • PPM of our neem oil is around 1700 to 2500 which is much essential for pest and fungicides control



How to use…

1. add 2 – 3 ML Neem Oil Per 1 Liter of water adds Spray every 2 weeks.

2. Shake well to mix the Liquid and spray on the leaves of the entire plant.

3. And then add 20 ml (4 Teaspoon) of Neem Oil Concentrated with the above miser and stir thoroughly.

4. Spray the Neem Oil Mixer on all Parts of the plants including the underside of the leaves until completely wet





Advantages of Neem Oil

  • It is Natural/Organic, emulsifiable,
  • It can help in maintaining environmental health by reducing the level of pollution.
  • Harmless to plants and maintain the stability of soil fertility.
  • It can also reduce human and animal hazards by reducing the level of residue in the product.
  • It can reduce the risk of plant failure and increase crop yield by 15-20%. Unlike chemicals, it saves the environment without pollution.