Liquid Fish Fertilizer for Plants – Widely used for Lemon Plant – All Purpose Liquid Fertilizer Vigorous Plant Growth 250 ML

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All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer Vigorous Growth

  1. LIQUID FISH FERTILIZER is an organic fertilizer made from marine fish.
  2. It is made by a unique cold enzymatic process that protects the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, minerals and growth hormones.
  3. It also contains all the micro and macronutrients naturally found in fish.

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Fish emulsion ( fish fertilizer for plants) is a quick-acting organic liquid fertilizer made from byproducts of the fish oil and fish meal industry. It is also called fish fertilizer. It is a thick concentrate that you dilute with water and apply to your lawn or garden. It can have a strong fishy odor, but deodorized fish emulsion is commonly available as well.

Benefits of fish fertilizer for plants






Increases Flowers and Fruit Size :

  • Increases and stabilizes chlorophyll in plants, which results in darker green leaves and increased sugar content in plants.
  • Fish fertilizer helps plants become stronger, more healthy, and larger, with more vibrant flowers that bloom longer.









Fish fertilizer improves soil health, it also increases soil fertility by providing the primary nutrients necessary for plants to thrive. Fungi and bacteria break down nutrients to make them available to plant roots and then loosen the dirt as they travel, reproduce, process nutrients, and decay, leaving soil aerated with improved levels of organic matter.


Fish fertilizer contains phosphorous, which helps plants develop healthy and strong root systems. Fish fertilizer also improves soil texture, greatly improving drainage and aeration. Plants that grow in soils with good drainage are less likely to have issues with root rot or other diseases caused by excess moisture.


Plants that receive a balance of primary and secondary nutrients experience strong and steady plant growth, leading to vigorous plants that can better withstand disease and pest issues.

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